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February 14


Akka HTTP 10.2.8 Released

Dear hakkers,

We are happy to announce the 10.2.8 release of Akka HTTP. This release is a maintenance release, mostly fixing a few smaller issues around HTTP/2 support.

Akka HTTP now also supports graceful termination for HTTP/2 servers. If coordinated shutdown is enabled for a server binding via ServerBinding.addToCoordinatedShutdown, the server will allow ongoing requests to be completed for a configurable period of time while immediately rejecting incoming requests before shutting down the application process. This helps to avoid downtime during rolling upgrades.


  • Enable idle-timeout when http2 is enabled #3965
  • Fix h2c via Upgrade #4000
  • Fail pool slot if connection is canceled before it is failed #3981
  • Ensure PoolMaster.shutdown(…) does not hang #4004
  • Implement graceful termination for HTTP/2 servers #4018
  • Remove unused var from ServerTerminator #4011


  • Interpret SSE heartbeats as events #4020


  • Simplify bullet points in 10.2.7 release notes #3926
  • Backport release notes from 10.1 #3953
  • Replace deprecated functions in Routing DSL docs #3966
  • Fix the documentation for RejectionHandler #4013


  • Dependency updates
  • Rename branch master -> main #3911
  • Hide test jar with complicated name from scala-steward #3980
  • Use fuzzy +~ to switch Scala versions #3970


The complete list of closed issues can be found on the 10.2.8 milestone on GitHub.

For this release we had the help of 7 contributors – thank you all very much!

commits  added  removed
     29    732      376 Johannes Rudolph
      8    224       32 Arnout Engelen
      2      3        2 Nitika Agarwal
      1      6        6 Zachary S
      1      5        5 kenji yoshida
      1      6        2 imRentable
      1      4        4 Yaroslav Klymko

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Happy hakking!

– The Akka Team