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August 31


Akka gRPC 2.1.0 Released

Dear hakkers,

We’re happy to announce version 2.1.0 of Akka gRPC!

gRPC is a transport mechanism for request/response and (non-persistent) streaming use cases. See Why gRPC? for more information about when to use gRPC as your transport.


This version of Akka gRPC contains fixes to make Akka gRPC work on Scala 3 (thanks to @RomanLebid), proto3 optionals support thanks to @thesamet and various performance improvements thanks to @jrudolph, @patriknw, @viktorklang and @lomigmegard.

Changes since 2.0.0




  • Use handler directive in Akka HTTP interop Scala sample #1427 by @raboof

Project infrastructure


For a full list of changes see the releases overview


For this release we had the help of 13 contributors – thank you all very much!

Author Commits Lines added Lines removed
raboof raboof 14 236 86
jrudolph jrudolph 12 443 367
note note 2 224 14
patriknw patriknw 2 57 30
viktorklang viktorklang 2 41 20
ignasi35 ignasi35 2 8 56
lomigmegard lomigmegard 1 63 36
RomanLebid RomanLebid 1 52 43
Vict0rynox Vict0rynox 1 33 8
jasonxh jasonxh 1 11 2
eugeniyk eugeniyk 1 2 2
thesamet thesamet 1 2 0

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Happy hakking!

– The Akka Team