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May 26


Akka gRPC 2.0.0 Released

Dear hakkers,

We’re happy to announce version 2.0.0 of Akka gRPC!

gRPC is a transport mechanism for request/response and (non-persistent) streaming use cases. See Why gRPC? for more information about when to use gRPC as your transport.


This version of Akka gRPC updates from ScalaPB 0.10.x to 0.11.x, which is a breaking change for Scala users: code generated with ScalaPB 0.10.x will not work with version 0.11.x of the runtime, meaning projects that use Akka gRPC directly need a clean recompile, and if you use libraries that use Akka gRPC you will need to make sure they are on the same major version.

Changes since 1.1.x


Development infrastructure

Client side

  • Fix client streaming cancellation before trailers read #1333 by @pvlugter


  • No -SNAPSHOT postfix for gradle plugin snapshots #1355 by @raboof
  • The generated java sources are not compiled when a project has only kotlin sources #1308 by @ihostage


  • List the protos version in BuildInfo #1330 by @ennru


For a full list of changes see the releases overview


For this release we had the help of 11 contributors – thank you all very much!

Author Commits Lines added Lines removed
raboof raboof 11 101 113
ignasi35 ignasi35 8 414 44
bjaglin bjaglin 3 99 15
lomigmegard lomigmegard 3 24 15
jtjeferreira jtjeferreira 1 47 2
andreaTP andreaTP 1 39 15
pvlugter pvlugter 1 37 1
justcoon justcoon 1 29 25
marcospereira marcospereira 1 19 92
ihostage ihostage 1 13 1
ennru ennru 1 6 3

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Happy hakking!

– The Akka Team