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April 23


Akka Projections 1.2.0 Released

Dear hakkers,

We’re happy to announce the release of Akka Projections 1.2.0.

Changes since 1.1.0

  • New functionality to pause and resume projections, see documentation, #25
  • Fix case of table names problem with OracleDialect and default settings, #543 by @ihostage
  • Akka 2.6.14 and Jackson 2.11.4, #541
  • Rename createOffsetTableIfNotExists and dropOffsetTableIfExists, #546
  • Configurable path of dispatcher for JDBC projections #542 by @ihostage
  • Retry management operations if timeout, #531

This version requires creating the new projection_management table, which is used for storing the pause/resume state of the projections. This table is required even if the new pause/resume functionality isn’t used. For rolling update you can create the table while the 1.1.0 version is still running. No other database maintenance is required since all existing database elements are compatible.

See schema definitions:

  • JDBC:
  • Slick:
  • Cassandra:


For this release we had the help of 4 committers – thank you all very much!

commits  added  removed
      5    486      140 Renato Cavalcanti
      4   3207      137 Patrik Nordwall
      2     39       19 Sergey Morgunov
      1      1        1 Sean Glover

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Happy hakking!

– The Akka Team