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June 17


Akka gRPC 1.0.0 Released

Dear hakkers,

We’re happy to announce version 1.0.0 of Akka gRPC!

gRPC is a transport mechanism for request/response and (non-persistent) streaming use cases. See Why gRPC? for more information about when to use gRPC as your transport.


You find the slides and code for this video on GitHub.


Supported by Lightbend

Starting at Akka gRPC 1.0.0, this module is now officially Supported as part of a Lightbend Subscription.

API stability

With version 1.0.0 we will start to provide a level of binary compatibility so you can have different versions of Akka gRPC as transitive dependencies.

Akka gRPC 1.0.0 still supports Akka 2.5.x and Akka HTTP 10.1.x, but we have made the necessary preparations so that the APIs work smoothly with Akka 2.6.x and Akka HTTP 10.2.x (yet to be released) as well.

Changes since 0.8.4

For a full list of changes see the releases overview


  • Use a dedicated managed sources directory #673 by @jroper
  • Check sbt assembly with akka 2.6 #993 by @raboof
  • Update more API’s to take a system #972 by @raboof
  • Avoid shipping classes already in scalapb-runtime #943 by @raboof

Project infrastructure




For this release we had the help of 8 contributors – thank you all very much!

Author Commits Lines added Lines removed
raboof raboof 27 710 1475
ignasi35 ignasi35 18 194 64
ennru ennru 6 150 78
Aincvy Aincvy 1 84 59
jroper jroper 1 38 33
charlietsai charlietsai 1 4 4
bjaglin bjaglin 1 1 1
Marcus-Rosti Marcus-Rosti 1 1 1

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Happy hakking!

– The Akka Team