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May 11


Akka HTTP 10.1.12 Released

Dear hakkers,

We are happy to announce the 10.1.12 release of Akka HTTP. This release is the 12th update in the 10.1.x series of Akka HTTP.

Changes since 10.1.11

For a full overview you can also see the 10.1.12 milestone:

ALPN support was backported to JDK 8 starting at update 252. When using HTTP2 support with these JDKs, the jetty-alpn-agent is not needed anymore. If you want to run on older and newer JDKs with the same command line, make sure to use the most recent version of jetty-alpn-agent which will automatically disable itself for newer JDKs.


  • Fix EOL detection for body part parsing #3144
  • Fix parsing of partly cached headers with UTF-8 values #3096
  • Fix cancellation race conditions on the client-side #2965
  • Make sure to cancel response entity on failure #3046
  • Make sure reference.conf files end with a new-line character.#2841
  • Only catch NonFatal Exceptions while parsing responses #2853
  • Add the remote address in parse errors when possible (when remote-address-header is enabled) #2899
  • Silence outgoing request stream error (and make it more useful) #2816
  • Identify Content-Type charset parameter even if not lower case #2926
  • Prevent initialization NPE which might fail all retries quickly #2958
  • Add exclusion for Extension issues when building against Akka 2.6 #2945
  • Nest correctly in NewHostConnectionPool #2964


  • Jackson: better JSON validation error when unmarshalling #2901


  • Small typo in docs/src/main/paradox/common/ #2864
  • Add warning on usage on extractClientIP #2922
  • Show RequestBuilding in client examples #2968
  • Fix project-info links to API docs #2857


  • Support ALPN natively on JDK >= 8u252 #3125
  • Gracefully discard unsupported h2 SETTINGS #3053
  • Potential fix for idle timeouts in http2 #2776
  • Fix HeaderCompression updating table size without giving notice to peer #2888


The complete list of closed issues can be found on the 10.1.12 milestone on GitHub.

For this release we had the help of 13 contributors – thank you all very much!

commits  added  removed
     29    401      120 Johannes Rudolph
     10     39       20 Arnout Engelen
      2     65        5 Johan Andrén
      2      5        3 Enno Runne
      1     64        1 Eduard Dubrovskiy
      1     32       13 Brice Jaglin
      1     29        2 Rodrigo Fernandes
      1     11        3 Viktor Klang
      1      5        1 Yingyu Cheng
      1      2        2 Rahil Bohra
      1      1        1 Porter Darby
      1      1        1 belenot
      1      0        0 Victor Hugo Borja

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Happy hakking!

– The Akka Team