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February 04


Announcing the course Programming Reactive Systems!

Akka team and Scala Center create new online course on designing and implementing reactive systems using Scala and Akka.

Set your watches and check your calendars: on Feb 18, 2019 a new course will open on the edX platform! “Programming Reactive Systems” has been created by former Akka team lead and co-author of the Reactive Manifesto Dr. Roland Kuhn, long-time Akka team and Reactive Streams expert group member Konrad Malawski, and Scala Center director of education Julien Richard-Foy.

This course covers everything from asynchronous programming techniques, over the reactive principles, including a thorough introduction to distributed systems as well as leading edge knowledge on using type systems within this context, up to processing large streams of data with limited resources using Reactive Streams. These topics are discussed and illustrated with examples using Scala and Akka.

It’s been five years since the publication of the Reactive Manifesto and since the first “Principles of Reactive Programming” course was launched on Coursera. Now we are excited to offer the follow-on course to study at your own pace. Watch out for more updates over the next weeks!

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