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June 12


Akka 2.4.19 Released!

Dear hakkers,

We are pleased to announce Akka 2.4.19, which is another maintenance release of Akka 2.4.

Some notable improvements and bug fixes are:

  • Fix Akka Remoting issue (ResendUnfulfillableException) after transport failure detection, #23010
  • Report cause for Akka IO TCP CommandFailed events, #13861
  • Always try to log fatal errors to stderr, #23107
  • Don’t ignore error cause when logging with “marker” (e.g. security markers) , #22324
  • Correction of initial contact points when subscribing to cluster client events, #22991


A total of 7 issues were closed since 2.4.18.

The complete list of closed issues can be found on the 2.4.19 milestone on github.

For this release we had the help of 5 committers – thank you all very much!

commits  added  removed
      5    318      142 Patrik Nordwall
      2    575      478 Johannes Rudolph
      1     56       17 Arnout Engelen
      1     34        2 Christopher Hunt
      1      1        1 Steven Lowenthal

Happy hakking!

– The Akka Team