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March 30


Akka 2.5.0-RC2 Released!

Dear hakkers,

we—the Akka committers—are pleased to be able to announce the availability of Akka 2.5.0-RC2 (SECOND RELEASE CANDIDATE). This is what we intend to ship as 2.5.0 final unless issues are found, so please test it thoroughly and report back.

Since the last release candidate two weeks ago we have fixed a few bugs in the new delta-CRDT protocol in Distributed Data. The complete list of closed tickets can be found on the 2.5.0-RC2 milestone on github.

Please refer to the announcement of 2.5.0-RC1 for more information about upcoming Akka 2.5.0, including a list of key features.

Read the migration guide when updating from Akka 2.4.


For this release (since 2.5.0.RC1) we had the help of 12 committers – thank you all very much!

commits  added  removed
      5     22       37 Sebastian Harko
      4    272       59 Patrik Nordwall
      3    802      256 Jan `gosubpl` Pustelnik
      2     20        4 ortigali
      1    224      108 Björn Antonsson
      1     56       38 Konrad `ktoso` Malawski
      1     72        7 Richard Imaoka
      1     53       13 虎鸣
      1      4        4 Troxid
      1      3        3 Johannes Rudolph
      1      1        1 Andrii Lashchenko
      1      1        1 Pepe García

Happy hakking!

– The Akka Team