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January 17


Looking for hakker!

Dear hakkers,

As we start into the new year, we have some exciting news to share: we’re looking to expand the core team!

If you’re passionate about concurrency, distributed systems and want to help creating bleeding edge technology as part of our team, let us know by applying to the Experienced Software Engineer - Akka Team position on the Lightbend jobs page.

We’re fully distributed, though most of the team are located in Europe, so feel free to apply regardless of geographical location. We also regularly meet, so you will get to know the team members in person as well of course.

The core Akka project includes several technically interesting parts, such as actors, streaming, persistence and cluster. In addition we are also responsible for the various satellite projects, such as Akka Http, Reactive Streams for Kafka, Cassandra journal for Akka Persistence, and Alpakka with many stream based integration connectors. Everything in this toolkit has a focus on high performance, scalability, resilience and high quality. You will be working with all, or at least many, of these modules. We also interact and help many high-profile and really exciting customers to succeed with our tech, so there is opportunity to gather hands-on feedback from the field.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you,

Happy hakking!

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