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August 02


Akka 2.4.9-RC2 Released!

Dear hAkkers,

We—the Akka committers—are pleased to announce the availability of Akka 2.4.9-RC2.

This release does not change much over the previous Release Candidate, except fixing one OSGi plugin induced packaging problem which might have caused compilation errors, see issue #21105 if you want to know more about the root cause of the problem (it was related to sbt-osgi, which we have fixed in the plugin itself).

The 2.4.9 release is focused on improving Akka HTTP and Streams performance, for details about how HTTP throughput and latency has improved since 2.4.8 please refer to the 2.4.9-RC1 announcement.

Streaming performance of fused islands have been also improved, resulting in 20-30% speedup of elements processed per second (for more extreme scenarios the improvement range is between 10%-100%). This is due to one optimization that speeds up the common case of long push-pull loops, and also due to a memory layout reorganization that reduces indirect load pressure on the CPU inside the GraphInterpreter main loop, the workhorse of Akka Streams. These improvements were already part of RC1, in case you’re looking find the specific issues and pull requests which made this happen.

We would like to ask you to try out this Release Candidate and report any issues, if you happen to stumble upon any, via the mailing list, github issues, or gitter chat. After some community feedback about this RC will shortly release a stable version of it.


commits added removed
    2     147     134 Konrad Malawski
    2      22       8 Johan Andrén
    2       5      10 Endre Sándor Varga
    1       1       1 Todd Ginsberg
    1       2       2 skchrko

The complete list of closed tickets can be found in the 2.4.9-RC2 milestone on GitHub.

Happy hakking!

– The Akka Team