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July 15


Akka Streams & Http 1.0 Released!

Dear hakkers, we—the Akka committers—are very pleased to announce the final release of Akka Streams & HTTP 1.0. After countless hours and many months of work we now consider Streams & HTTP good enough for evaluation and production use, subject to the caveat on performance below. We will continue to improve the implementation as well as to add features over the coming months, which will be marked as 1.x releases—in particular concerning HTTPS support (exposing certificate information per request and allowing session renegotiation) and websocket client features—before we finally add these new modules to the 2.4 development branch. In the meantime both Streams and HTTP can be used with Akka 2.4 artifacts since these are binary backwards compatibility with Akka 2.3.

A Note on Performance

Version 1.0 is fully functional but not yet optimized for performance. To make it very clear: Spray currently is a lot faster at serving HTTP responses than Akka HTTP is.

We are aware of this and we know that a lot of you are waiting to use it in anger for high-performance applications, but we follow a “correctness first” approach. After 1.0 is released we will start working on performance benchmarking and optimization, the focus of the 1.1 release will be on closing the gap to Spray.

What Changed since 1.0–RC4

The complete list of closed tickets can be found in the 1.0 streams and http milestones on github.


Since the RC4 release:

  • 32 tickets closed
  • 252 files changed, 17613 insertions(+), 1834 deletions(-),
  • … and a total of 9 contributors!

1.0 compared to 1.0-RC4:

commits   added removed
     26    2342     335 Johannes Rudolph
     11   10112      97 Endre Sándor Varga
      9     757     173 Martynas Mickevičius
      8    2821     487 Konrad Malawski
      3      28      49 2beaucoup
      3     701     636 Viktor Klang
      2      43       7 Rafał Krzewski
      2     801      42 Alexander Golubev
      1       8       8 Heiko Seeberger

Happy hAkking!