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June 30


Akka 2.3.4 Released!

Dear hAkkers,

We—the Akka committers—are pleased to be able to announce the availability of Akka 2.3.4. This is the fourth maintenance release of the 2.3 branch. This release contains extensive changes to the experimental module Akka Persistence:

  • Processor and EventsourcedProcessor are deprecated and replaced by PersistentActor
  • Channel and PersistentChannel are deprecated and replaced by AtLeastOnceDelivery
  • View is deprecated and replaced by PersistentView

The reason for these changes is to simplify the API and reduce the confusion caused by the many overlapping features of the former API.

Akka Persistence is not backwards binary compatible with version 2.3.3, i.e. if you use Akka Persistence you must recompile your source code with version 2.3.4 and use libraries (e.g. journal plugins) that have been released for Akka 2.3.4. The changes to Akka Persistence are source backwards compatible with deprecation warnings. Please follow the instructions in the migration guide to update to the latest features of Akka Persistence.

Akka 2.3.4 is released for Scala 2.10.4 and 2.11.1. Apart from the Akka Persistence artifact this release is backwards binary compatible with version 2.3.0, 2.3.1, 2.3.2 and 2.3.3 which means that the new JARs are a drop-in replacement for the old one (but not the other way around) as long as your build does not enable the inliner (Scala-only restriction). Always make sure to use at least the latest version required by any of your project’s dependencies.

Migrating from Older Relases

When migrating an existing project from Akka 2.2.x please have a look at the migration guide.

Additional Release Details

The artifacts comprising this release have been published to and also to Maven Central. In addition, we adopted the sbt standard of encoding the Scala binary version in the artifact name, i.e. the core actor package’s artifactId is “akka-actor_2.10” and “akka-actor_2.11”.

2.3.4 compared to 2.3.3:

  • 34 tickets closed, the complete list can be found in the 2.3.4 github issues milestone.
  • 194 files changed, 9053 insertions(+), 4091 deletions(-)
  • … and a total of 9 committers!


commits added removed
   19    4856    2884 Patrik Nordwall
   11    3002    1265 Konrad 'ktoso' Malawski
    9     514     105 Björn Antonsson
    1     154       9 Martynas Mickevicius
    1      29      10 Jeroen Gordijn
    1      14       1 Johannes Rudolph
    1      52       5 Marcin Kubala
    1      24       0 Konrad Malawski
    1      73       1 Csongor Somogyi
    1       2       2 André Wolski

Happy hAkking!