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March 12


Community Page Reinvisioned

There is a great wealth of projects out there using Akka or offering improvements and additional features, but up to this point we have only manually tried to present a selection on our community page. This effort is obviously doomed, we cannot keep up with all the development that is happening, which is why we now take the step to reinvision the community page.

By the Community, For the Community

The idea is that you collect projects that you find useful, or that you created for the greater good, or that you happened to initiate for learning purposes and which grew beyond that. The information that is in the resulting list should give potential users an idea of how active the project is, for which Akka versions it is available and so on.

Including Spray

While Spray is being integrated as the new Akka HTTP module there are also additions and extensions to this great library. In addition to tracking them on we also included a section on the Akka community page to express that out HTTP module will be the logical successor to Spray, and we hope that much of the Spray community’s work will follow the transition as well.

Go Forth and Edit

So without further ado, here is the link to the new community page.