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April 13


Akka 2.0.1 Released!

Five weeks after the release of the very well received version 2.0, we have accumulated enough small fixes and enhancements to warrant a binary compatible bugfix release.

We would like to thank our great community for not only reporting, but also helping in fixing the issues which turned up: starting from very precise diagnostic information, over fixing errors in the documentation to submitting complete pull requests for performance enhancement. Special thanks go to Jean-Fran├žois Im, Mathias Doenitz and Vibul Imtarnasan!

The issues fixed are:

  • improved Java API for accessing singletons like akka.routing.CurrentRoutees and friends (also our beloved PoisonPill)
  • reject invalid ActorSystem names which lead to problems when going remote (essentially must be valid hostname components now)
  • fixed a live-lock in ForkJoinPool which could occur under rare circumstances with parallelism levels 2 or 4
  • reduced overhead of ask(): less memory footprint and lazy registration
  • several improvements and fixes for documentation (ScalaDoc as well as reStructuredText)
  • make cause and message of AskTimeoutException accessible
  • make SmallestMailboxRouter config serializable (this might require recompilation of classes mixing in SmallestMailboxLike)
  • fix SmallestMailboxRouter crash upon sending under pressure
  • make RemoteLifeCycleEvents serializable
  • fix TestActorRef for actors setting ReceiveTimeout in constructor
  • fix zeromq performance and instabilities by running the polling loop only on the same thread as all other activities for the socket
  • never restart zeromq socket actors in case of fatal socket errors
  • opened up visibility of RemoteTransport.send() and notifyListeners() to improve extensibility

Akka is released under the Apache V2 license.

Happy Hakking!