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Dear hakkers,

We are happy to announce Akka Http 10.0.9, which is the ninth release of the Akka Http 10.0 series. This maintenance release fixes a regression in 10.0.8 that occurred when using media ranges and connecting to a HTTP server that fails to specify the charset in the ContentType #1222.

Additionally, support for HTTP status code 418 has been introduced #1206


A total 3 issues were closed since 10.0.8.

The complete list of closed issues can be found on the 10.0.9 milestones on GitHub.

For this release we had the help of 5 contributors – thank you all very much!

commits  added  removed
      2     21        1 Josep Prat
      1     10        2 Jan Ypma
      1      6        0 Arnout Engelen
      1      2        1 Martynas Mickevičius
      1      2        0 Alexander Metrocavich

Happy hakking!

– The Akka Team