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Akka provides APIs for Java and Scala. Both support the full range of Akka features to provide a great development experience building concurrent and distributed systems.

Start with the Hello World example project to get acquainted with Akka basics.

A first example with Akka actors

Akka Guide

The above example is a great introduction to Akka Actors. Next, try the guided tutorial for building a microservices proof-of-concept application with various Akka modules.

Akka Guide

Akka EdgeNEW

Move your endpoints to the edge of the cloud for lower latency and higher availability. Akka Edge Rust extends the power of Akka’s event-driven model to resource-constrained devices.

Akka Edge

Akka Insights

Akka Insights provides intelligent monitoring and observability for deep visibility into applications built using Akka. Add Akka Insights to your existing Akka applications without having to make any changes to application code. Discover, understand and troubleshoot complex relationships within your distributed services. Because Akka Insights is built by Lightbend, version support is always guaranteed.

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Akka is built by Lightbend, and employs a team of Akka engineers to help you succeed. If you’re looking for an expert to engage with your team or organization, contact Lightbend to find out more.

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