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Akka provides APIs for Java and Scala and supports Maven, Gradle, and sbt for building concurrent and distributed systems. Options for using Akka technologies for application development include:

  • The completely do-it-yourself (DIY) method
  • Kalix, managed by Lightbend

Manage Akka yourself (DIY)

Many of us want to explore and manage things on our own, so we have a guided tutorial for building a microservices proof-of-concept application with various Akka modules.

Want to go deep into the fundamentals of Akka? Learn about Akka Actors in Scala and Java.

Akka Insights

Akka Insights provides intelligent monitoring and observability for deep visibility into applications built using Akka, Lagom and Play. Add Akka Insights to your existing Akka applications without having to make any changes to application code. Discover, understand and troubleshoot complex relationships within your distributed services. Because Akka Insights is built by Lightbend, version support is always guaranteed.


Kalix, developer PaaS

For a cutting edge experience, try Kalix. Run by Lightbend and free to try, Kalix let’s you just focus on code and removes distractions like managing databases and infrastructure. It uniquely brings the power of advanced data models to the serverless world for use cases like for IoT, telemedicine, real-time financial systems, streaming media and gaming, and more.


Talk to an Akka expert

Akka is built by Lightbend, and employs a team of Akka engineers to help you succeed. If you’re looking for an expert to engage with your team or organization, contact Lightbend to find out more.