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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

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The Akka community is committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all. The Code of Conduct outlines standards of behavior and moderation policies in Akka community channels.


Join the Discuss Akka forums

Discuss with other Akka users

The Discuss Akka forums is where the Akka and Lightbend communities meet. Asking and answering questions on the forums is a great way to share knowledge about Akka. It also allows for a more open discussion than pure Q/A focused platforms.



Chat with other Akka users

The akka/akka gitter channel is available for ad-hoc discussions of all things Akka-related with the community and the Akka team.

Matrix users can join


Contribute to Stack Overflow

4,500+ questions with answers

Stack Overflow is a Q&A site for programmers. Stack Overflow has a very active community of people asking and answering questions about Akka.


Report bugs

1,900+ bug reporters

Bug reports help Akka improve, so please report any issues you have! Akka uses GitHub to track issues.



300+ active contributors

Akka's code and documentation is hosted on Github. It's easy to get the code and build Akka from source.

Extend Akka

Other modules

See the community page

Create your own features on top of Akka, Akka HTTP or Akka Streams. Tag the project on Scaladex to get listed.