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Distributed Applications

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Akka is the implementation of the Actor Model on the JVM.

  • cluster

    Simpler Concurrent & Distributed Systems

    Actors and Streams let you build systems that scale up, using the resources of a server more efficiently, and out, using multiple servers.

  • resilience

    Resilient by Design

    Building on the principles of The Reactive Manifesto Akka allows you to write systems that self-heal and stay responsive in the face of failures.

  • speed

    High Performance

    Up to 200 million msg/sec on a single machine. Small memory footprint; ~2.5 million actors per GB of heap.

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Lightbend is the company behind Akka, used by development teams to build the most demanding, globally distributed, cloud native application environments and streaming data pipelines. Global 2000 enterprises turn to Lightbend products like Kalix and Akka to support their most business-critical initiatives.


High-performance microservices and APIs with no operations required

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Intelligent monitoring and observability purpose built for Akka.

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Do You Have Your Akka BSL License?

A license ensures the version of Akka (beginning with version 2.7, released in September 2022) you are running in production has all of the latest known bug fixes, vulnerabilities patched, and maintains compliance with SOC 2 and NIST 800-53.

Licensing allows for production access to all Akka’s new features like Brokerless pub/sub and the upcoming release of Akka Edge.

More information can be found in the BSL License FAQ or contact Lightbend for a License or questions.



  • Development and Testing - No charge, non-production usage does not require a license
  • Revenue under $25M - FREE Startup License for production use of Akka
  • Revenue more than $25M - choice of Production licenses
  • Independent Software Vendors and organizations bundling Akka with their product offerings - special partner license pricing is available. Note that organizations bundling Akka in products sold to U.S. Federal Departments and Agencies will require an Akka license in order to comply with the NIST SDDF.