Community Projects

Akka has a vibrant and passionate user community, the members of which have created many independent projects using Akka as well as extensions to it.

You can find Akka and Akka Http extensions, Akka Streams connectors and Akka Persistence plugins by exploring corresponding keywords in Scaladex:

akka-extension Extensions to Akka
akka-http-extension Extensions to Akka Http
alpakka Akka Streams connectors
akka-persistence-plugin Akka Persistence journal and snapshot plugins

We welcome all project maintainers to use these keywords in their project Scaladex pages.

Not every project that depends on Akka can be assigned to the above categories. There are many more libraries, frameworks, applications that depend on Akka in one way or another. You can explore all of the projects that use Akka in Scaladex as well: built-with-akka